About Us - Principal's Message

Education plays a vital role in providing correct direction and can prove crucial in achieving one’s goal. Therefore, I believe that provision of education is service and, “we are ready to venture, risk, even fail, that some good might take hold, that some hope might be shared and that poor might have their voices heard”.

The School attaches great importance to varied programme of activities out side the normal class routine. These are designed to develop important traits of character like honesty, self-confidence, cooperation and diligence and to promote latent talent for leadership and responsibility.

We live in a multi cultural society made up of numerous regional and local cultures and the education at Army Goodwill School Hanzik proactively response to the cultural pluralism inherent in our society. In this turn, this experience may lead all Agians to grow as world class individuals-a class of eminent thinkers, great planners and wise leaders contributing to a better world order.

Mrs Shahida Khan
Principal AGS