Activities - Co Curricular Activities

Rouble Nagi,Art FoundationRouble Nagi,Art FoundationMONTH OF MAY 2019

Card Making on Mother's Day

Mother's Day was celebrated in school students presented skits poems songs on the morning assembly and a special activity in which card was prepared for mothers by the students, which they later carried to present their mother's.


Hand Wash Day Celebrated

Students celebrated hand wash day on 20 May 19 at school premises. The aim of this activity was to make them understand the importance of hygiene and clean personal habits. A role play was presented by students to show various personal habits.


Inter AGS Competition Trophy Presentation for Academic Year 2017-2018 

AGS, Hanzik organised inter AGS competition trophy presentation for academic year 2017-2018 at grand level on 29 May. All AGSs of CIF(K) were present in the ceremony. Mrs Usha Pandey, wife of GOC CIF(K) was the chief guest of the ceremony. Two trophies were presented under category of Best School in Academics and Overall Best School CIF(K). AGS, Hanzik bagged the trophy of Overall Best School CIF(K). Cultural programme were performed by students of all AGSs including Welcome song, Skit on topic 'Life' and Sufi song was performed by AGS, Hanzik, Solo Dance by AGS, Budkote, Group Dance by AGS, Bandipora, Kashmiri Group Song by AGS, Krusan, Punjabi Group Dance by AGS, Sopore and Patriotic Group Song by AGS, Chandigam.

Month of Apr 2019


Release of School Magazine, Buniyaad 2017-18

The second edition of Buniyaad was released by chief guest of the ceremony Mrs Usha Pandey, wife of GOC CIF(K) on 15 Apr 2019. A series of cultural events were performed by the students in the ceremony. The magazine is a window of activities performed by the school, it gives platform to students to express their creative thoughts in form of poems, articles or any other art.


English Week Celebrated by AGS, Hanzik Students

Student of AGS, Hanzik celebrated english week from 22 Apr 19 to 26 Apr 19. Many events were conducted including skit, poems and extempores.


Inter AGS Essay Competition

Inter AGS essay competition was conducted at AGS, Chandigam on 29 Apr 19. All AGSs of CIF (K) participated in this competition and juries were one teacher respresentative of each school. AGS, Hanzik secured runner up position. Such events are organised under inter AGS competitions to develop competetive spirit, confidence and public speaking skills among students. 


Month of Mar 2019 :-

NCC Day Celebration

1 J&K Bn NCC Cadet of AGS, Hanzik celebrated NCC day. The theme of NCC day 2019 was "Save Water Bodies of J&K". Students of the school expressed their views on importance of water bodies and made everyone aware of negative effects of depletion of water bodies. 

Month of Nov 2018 :-

AGS Annual Fest Celebration

Annual AGS Fest was organised on 12 Nov at Zorawar Auditorium, Hyderbeigh. Lt Gen A K Bhat, AVSM, SM, VSM, GOC 15 Corps was invited as chief guest of the fest.  Various Cultural Programme were prezented by all AGSs with pomp and show.Dramatic society of  AGS, Hanzik stagged a historical theatrical play, " Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja". The play was appreciated all over and on demand of the honorable chief guest, the play was again performed at BB Cantt by the students.


Purshottam Trophy 2017-18

The School won the prestigious 'Maj Purshottam Trophy 2018' and was adjudged Best School in the Class X and above category among all AGSs in 15 Corps Zone. The trophy is awarded to theschool standing overall first in the field of education, sports, co-curricular activities, infra and all round performance of students and teachers among eighteen AGSs and one AGPS.

Month of Oct 2018 :-

Vacination Day


Vacination Day was celebrated in AGS Hanzik. Students were vacinted to prevent diseases like Measles and Rubella. The purpose of the Measles-Rubella campaign is to protect children and eliminate transmission of Measles and Rubella from the community by vaccinating 100% target children.

Month of Sep 2018 :-

Inter AGS Painting Competition

Inter AGS Painting Competition was conducted in AGS, Sopore on 09 Sep. AGS, Hanzik secured runner up position among other AGSs in AOR CIF(K).


Inter AGS Declamation Competition

Inter AGS Declamation Competition was conducted in AGS, Bandipora on 13 Sep. Among other six AGSs in AOR of CIF(K), AGS, Hanzik secured first position.


Sugrical Strike Day Celebrated

Students of AGS, Hanzik celebrated Sugrical strike day on 19 Sep. Students made cards for soldiers of Indian Army showing gratitude to them. The day was celebrated to understand the importance of sugrical strikes did by Indian Army and to induce patriotic feeling among students.

Month of Aug 2018

Independence Day Celebration

Students of AGS, Hanzik celebrated Independece day with pomp and show. Mrs Usha Pandey was the chief guest of the event. Tricolor was hoisted by the honorable chief guest. Various cultural programme were performed by students including skit, group song and group dance. The event was full of patriotic spirit.


Vis of CO, 1 J&K Bn NCC, Srinagar to AGS Hanzik.  

As part of NCC's outreach pgm, Col Surinder Kumar, CO, 1 J&K Bn NCC, Srinagar vis AGS Hanzik on 17 Jul 18 and interacted with the students of AGS, Hanzik to highlight the imp of NCC and its role in developing a child's future. He apprised the students that because of the interest shown by AGS Hanzik in NCC activities, the School has been given 10 vacancies in the next NCC Camp scheduled to be held at Nagrota wef 10 Aug 18. Post his vis, Drill classes were conducted for the NCC Cadets by Drill Instrs of NCC Bn in the School premises on 18 Jul 18.

AGS Conclave.  A conf of Vice Chairmans, OIC Schools and Principals of AGSs was conducted at HQ CIF (K) on 05 Jul 18 with the aim of implementation/ review of academic performance, audit of teachers’ performance, implementation of quality sp pgm, school upgradation plans and forthcoming events. CO this unit alongwith OIC AGS, Hanzik attended the same. The Regt also made the adm arngs for the event incl lunch.



Vis of Col BS Choudhary, CO, 1 J&K Bn NCC, Srinagar to AGS Hanzik.  

AGS Hanzik has subscribed to NCC since last two yrs and actively takes part in NCC camps and various other activities organised by 1 J&K Bn NCC, Srinagar. The School subscribes to 50 vacancies from Classes VII to X with a 33% subscription by girl students.  In NCC's outreach program, Col BS Choudhary, CO, 1 J&K Bn NCC, Srinagar visited AGS Hanzik on 13 Jun 18 and interacted with students of Classes VII to X to highlight the imp of NCC and its role in developing a child's future. 

Eid Celebrations at AGS Hanzik. 

'Eid' was celebrated at AGS, Hanzik with full enthusiasm by students of AGS Hanzik on 13 Jun 18.  The event included dance, song and skit by LPD students. The overwhelming performance delivered by the participants in various activities symbolised the spirit and zeal of youth of Kashmir. The venue reverberated with the enthusiam and keen team spirit displayed by each participating student.



School Mgt Committee (SMC) Mtg. 

A mtg betn SMC and teachers of AGS, Hanzik was held on 10 Apr 18, which was chaired by Brig VS Yadav, Dy GOC, HQ CIF (K), Chairman, AGS, Hanzik. He appre the efforts made by the School Staff and Mgt in the holistic devp of AGS Hanzik in the recent past.


      Celebrations of Cleanliness Week at AGS, Hanzik

Cleanliness week was celebrated at AGS, Hanzik from 19 Mar to 23 Mar 18 to promote the values of cleanliness, discp and respect for envt. The School undertook this drive with a spate of activities in accordance to the nation-wide “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”. Various events with the theme “Save Earth” were org for the students throughout the week like use of paper bags, poster making, placards, proper disposal of garbage, role plays based on the theme of “Keep your Surroundings Clean”.


      Wksp and Counselling Session for Class X Students of AGS, Hanzik. 

A wksp and counselling session regarding “Comn Skills” were conducted by Mr Atif Aslam of Bharti Foundation for Class X students of AGS, Hanzik on 18 Apr 18. It was well comprehended and appre by the students.



School Mgt Committee (SMC) Mtg.

  A mtg betn SMC and teachers of AGS, Hanzik was held on 10 Apr 18, which was chaired by Brig VS Yadav, Dy GOC, HQ CIF (K), Chairman, AGS, Hanzik. He appre the efforts made by the School Staff and Mgt in the holistic devp of AGS Hanzik in the recent past.


Trg Capsule for Principals and School Coordinators of AGS/ AGPS.    A two days leadership trg capsule conducted by Bharti Foundation from 12 Mar to 13 Mar 18 for Principals and coordinators of AGS/ AGPS functioning under the ageis CIF (K), 19 Inf Div and 15 Corps Arty Bde. The trg was imparted by trainers from Bharti Foundation and was conducted at AGS Hanzik. The trg capsule was coord by KFSR and attended by 22 Principals and School corrdinators.





The students of class X at Army Goodwill School, Hanzik gathered to bid farewell to their alma mater. The school organised a farewell party where the graduating class shared similar feelings of nostalgia as they were remembering all the wonderful times spent at the institution. There was a cultural show presented by the students which included group song, dancing and several fun activities organized for the graduating class. 




Miss Farhana Mehraj, a teacher of Army Goodwill School, Hanzik was felicitated by Lt Gen D Anbu, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Command at Teachers’ Innovation Award and Academic Planning Meet jointly organized by Headquarters Northern Command and Satya Bharti Foundation. The event was organized for all Army Goodwill Schools and Army Goodwill Public Schools run by Army under Operation Sadhbhavana on 18-19 Dec 2017 at Udhampur.  Selected teachers from the Army Goodwill Schools were felicitated for their contributions to their Schools in the noble profession of teaching. The Principal gave an update on the academic planning for the year 2017-18.



The students of Army Goodwill School, Hanzik along with students from all Army Goodwill Schools for the region participated in Winter Carnival held at Gulmarg on 31 December 2018. This event was full of energy and enthusiasm which saw great participation from all Army Goodwill Schools of the region including AGS, Khanabal, AGS, Balapur, AGS Wayne and AGS Pahalgam. Games were organized for these students at the venue of the carnival and refreshment was provided. It was a joy filled day that was celebrated in the backdrop of Kashmir’s scenic beauty.




Dog Show at AGS, HANZIK

A Dog Show was organised by a joint team of dogs and their handlers from 4 Army Dog Unit & 26 Army Dog Unit for the children and teaching staff of AGS Hanzik on the occasion of Children's Day Celebrations on 15 Nov 17.  The show was witnessed by 350 students and 26 teachers of the School.  A total of two trekker dogs and seven sniffer/ guard dogs took part in the Dog Show alongwith their handlers.  The conduct of the Dog Show included dogs showing various formations obeying commands from their handlers, show jumping by dogs through an artificial track which included obstacles.  This was followed by performances by sniffer dog to trace the explosives and trekker dog nabbing a militant.  After the Dog Show, the children and the teachers familiarised themselves with the dogs by touching and cuddling the dogs. 


Children's Day Celebration at AGS, Hanzik

Childrens' Day is celebrated in India on 14 Nov in the memory of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. The celebrations aimed at remembering the contributions made by Pt Nehru towards nation building and uniting a vast and diverse culture of various states as a nation. It also aimed at inculcating the feeling of nationalism among the children and the teachers. Childrens' Day function was org at AGS, Hanzik on 14 Nov 17, in which approx 435 children and teachers participated.

The participation of the students and teachers was overwhelming in the cultural event org in the school. The celebrations started with the teachers coming up on stage to recite the morning assembly followed by a cultural programme, wherein students also performed traditional dances and songs/ skits dedicated to the children. The enthusiasm displayed by the participants in the conduct of the event was admirable.

Mrs Rajender Kaur w/o Col Devinder Singh, Secretary, AGS Hanzik, the Chief Guest felicitated all the participants for their active participation in making the event memorable for all children. She also complimented the students and teachers for their spirit despite the prevailing IS situation in the Valley.

The Children's Day function was org in school with the sole aim of inculcating the sense of belonginess among the students and teachers of the School. The overwhelming participation of the students and teachers was appreciated at all levels as it indicates the overall development of children in the school. Such events will go a long way in motivating the students and teachers to be part of main stream which helps in achieving the moto of Sadhbhavana.


Cake Day Celebration

Cake day celebration for Lower Primary Division was organized in Army Goodwill School, Hanzik on 30 Nov 2017 with full enthusiasm. This event marked the last working day of LPD before the winter vacations.  The event was a unique way of indulging students in a fun activity so that they would anticipate rejoining the session as they come back from their winter break.

The celebration included cake cutting ceremony, sweet distribution and dance performance by the students. The venue reverberated with the energy and joy seen on the faces of these young students. 

The event was not just brought happiness to the students but was a great activity to impart the essence of sharing and togetherness.




Teachers Day Celebration

The teacher’s day was celebrated with full enthusiasm at AGS Hanzik. The day began with morning assembly where the students throw some light on the role of teacher. A special prayer was later on conducted by the Teachers with the Nation Anthem. Then the school functioned normally till 1:00 clock after the student gave handmade cards prepared by them to their teachers. Later on student presented a cultural programme before the teachers in dining area. The programme started with the topic on importance of teachers. Primary students recited beautiful poems.

Then the students made the stage alive with wonderful songs and dances. The best part of the programme was that all teachers of Hanzik read the pledge before the students and solemnized to follow the same.




17th Annual Day

Army Goodwill School Hanzik, j &k celebrates Annual Day on 25th Aug 2017.  They say happiness comes in small packages. Well, the little bundles of joy running helter skelter and colouring Army Goodwill School (AGS), Hanzik with their imagination and creativity certainly proved the adage to be true. AGS, Hanzik proudly celebrated their Annual day Function on Tuesday.

The School with a sprawling campus and good infrastructure caters to the need of 460 students from the valley. The event, which was meticulously planned by the students, staff and the management Committee of the School, showcased the cultural activities to the parents and guests followed by a ceremonial; function.

The celebrations embarrassed various facets of the Indian culture, where the students presented Punjabi Bangra dance and the Kashmiri Rouf Dance respectively. To honour and appreciate the achievers, annual prize distribution function for the session 2016-2017 was held with great zeal and enthusiasm.




Father's Day Celebration

Army Goodwill School Hanzik Celebrated Father's Day on 2nd June 2017 in the school. All the students welcomed all our dear fathers with poems, songs & skits. Our student’s choir sang out father's day song with heart-warming expression to reach out to make their fathers feel special. The respective class toppers individually invited & presented the father's day card to fathers on stage. Several fathers also spoke about how much they appreciated that our school makes the time with occasions such as this, to foster the importance of relationships & family values.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June with full enthusiasm by our school. students & staff participated in  Plantation Drive & cleaning the school surroundings .The school authorities motivated the students to plant more & more trees in order to make the surroundings green .To add more colour to the day a " GO GREEN" activity was held in which students  carried everything  to school in jute bags. Students displayed posters & placards regarding different environmental issue.

International Yoga Day

The school celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to world. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. It also helps to imbibe discipline .The students of classes VI-With the teachers performed yoga between 10:00 am to 10;45 am .Different yoga postures like  rikshasana,Uttaanaasana,Trikonaasana,Bhadrasna finally ended with prayers.




Outing for L.P.D

An outing was organised for the L.P.D classes of Army Goodwill School Hanzik on 24th and 25th May 2017 to Anand Vatika. A total number of 148 students along with 5 teachers and 4 Ayah's visited the spot. The day at Anand Vatika for students was announcing happiness and excitement. After enjoyment and amusement, refreshment was given to the students arranged by the management. All the students along with the teachers enjoyed the bright sunny day and had good memories to carry back home.

Inter House Kho Kho Competition

Inter House Kho Kho Competition was held on 06 May 2017. In Senior Boys winning team was Gandhi House. In Senior Girls winning team was Iqbal House. In Junior Boys and Girls Nehru House was the Winning Team.




Mother's Day

Mother's Day was celebrated in school students presented skits poems songs on the morning Assembly and a special activity in which card was prepared for mothers by the students, which they later carried to present their mother's.

Bharti Foundation organised Workshop in AGS HanzikA brain storming workshop is being organized by Bharti Foundation from 06th to 08th March for the teachers of Six AGS'S of CIF HQ(K). The workshop was attended by 50 teachers in all from AGS Hanzik, AGS Budkot, AGS Bandipora, AGS Krusan, AGS Chandigam and AGS Sopore. Kickstarting with the genral introduction of the Bharti Foundation, the faculty started their session by organizing various activities and discussions for giving the teachers a clear idea about the code of conduct while teaching, understanding the expectations of parents and students and motivating them accordingly. The participants participated actively and the workshop turned out fruitful in enchancing their skills in teaching.




World Wildlife Day celebrated in AGS HanzikWorld Wildlife Day was celebrated by the students of AGS Hanzik on 07 oct 2016 amidst the turmoil in the valley. On this occasion Dog Show was organized where strength of the audience was around 200.